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The Fight

You have 2 options for a fight, real-time fight (with animation or text only) or instant result. The instant result can be good for a fight that you're sure to win, but be careful that you may have some surprises (as in real life, not always the favourite boxer win).

Now you'll be taken to the ROUND screen: here you can set the boxers tactic for the next round. You can choose which type of strikes your boxer will attempt, his fighting tactic, and your actions. To switch the options you simply click on the image on the right and they will cycle through the various options. To see what each option does, simply watch the text on the bottom part of the screen as always.
The images on the left are your boxer physical conditions, and you can't do actions about that.

Once you click on DONE, the next round starts. You'll see a topview of the ring with the two boxers fighting. Your boxer is the BLUE one, while the opponent is the RED one. You can adjust the speed of the match using the controls on the left part of the screen.

The fight will go on until you win or lose by KO, TKO or by score at the end of all the scheduled rounds.

The fight result will let you boxer advance in ranking if it was victorious, and also some of his potential skills will increase permanently with every success.

Tech Info

The game uses latest OpenGL technology and can be played in windowed or fullscreen mode. You don't need a fast computer to play it, but you need a graphic card with at least 16mb of video memory and OpenGL drivers installed.